Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

What is beauty, if not in the eyes of the beholder?

Naruto had a few characters obsessed with art. They might be evil in the series but their questions do ring a resonance with the heart. All had their versions of what is beautiful. All tried to be remembered in history as a great artist.

So is that the case in real life too? What are we trying to achieve by all that the marketers have to offer us? Why are we going towards more and more artificial products that take us incrementally away from who our natural self is? Are we ashamed of who we are? Is artificial more beautiful? Have we so lost our belief in ourselves that we cannot look ourselves in the mirror?

Who are we trying to please? The society that doesn't care for anyone? The people who would immediately forget us? Or ourselves who are so not comfortable with ourselves?

Nature is beautiful. Let nature be. Anything else is a failed attempt towards making something you are ashamed of better?

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