Below is a poem that I wrote some time back. Do get back with suggestions.

Once upon a time, there was this guy,‌‌
Filled with guilt his days went by.

For he had lots of people who loved him a lot‌‌,
Moving away from them, with life he fought.

For by love, he could not get distracted,‌‌
He believed, till he knew what in life he wanted.

And now here he sits all alone,‌‌
Wondering where the past and the present have gone.

He has no one to rejoice his old memories - life's play,
For the ones he was with most, are far far away.

He thinks to himself, why he never said,‌‌
What he felt back then when to his words people attention paid.

For he loved everyone who ever loved him,‌‌
Too afraid to say, or ever admit even on a whim.

He feared that his feelings will be mistook - different from what sent,‌‌
For something else than what they really meant.

But now he feels, that it would have been better to say and talk,‌‌
Then not express it, and let uncertainty amok.

And now he sulks with a heart full of guilt,‌‌
Knowing he has lost many close friends, remorse he truly felt.

He tries to find happiness in their happy looking lives,‌‌
Knowing they could be happier, if not for the concealment of truth - worse than lies.

He waits for a chance in life, to redeem his name‌,
Something to cover up his hesitation and shame.

Sitting all alone he gets a ray of hope, which would help him get
On with his life, understanding it would change forever his mindset.

"There always will be ways - in the past - to make things better than they are,
Thinking about them will just move you away from reality - the present - far."

"Concentrate on now, do not repeat that what is already done,
Live your life, face your fears, make sure that people know how much they are fun."

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