Theories of Life 001
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Theories of Life 001

More often than not, people that I talk to say "You should totally write about that" after I have had some or the other philospophical conversation with them. This is my experiment to understand the feasibility of it. This is a work in progress so, suggestions are always welcome.

Everybody (with some exceptions) has at-least once pondered "What is the purpose of life?" "Why am I alive?". Everybody wants a reason to do things. Without the anwer to this question, without a purpose, life will eventually seem dull, and that might be one reason why people have a hard time getting up from their beds. People are so driven by the need for purpose in life that it is just inevitable that they turn to religion in the absense of one of their own (Not that it is a bad thing).

So here goes my first in my "Theories of Life" series

"There is no specific purpose of an individual. There is a cumulative purpose, which is to survive and evolve as a species."

So, as an individual, there is not a lot that life expects from you but to survive and - if you are really into it - create systems or process to make sure that the human race survives. That is the point of all the reasearch that people devote their lives in. The idea is "Having more knowledege improves the probability of our survivability" Can it be argued that we can survive without tech or that tech is going to lead to the destruction of our species? Yes it can be, but we shall have anotther post devoted to that.

Also, as there is no real purpose of life, individuals are free to choose their own purpose. Take your time, try things, talk to people, look around. Some day you will find something that you can align yourself with. Just make sure that your individual purpose does not go against the survivability of our race. Also, even if you do not have a purpose yet, you do not need to be upset as if there were an absolute purpose for everyone, you would have born with it. I do not have a purpose, but I am content in knowing that "I do not need one instantly and one day I shall find it" to enjoy life the way it is. I want you to have that contentment.

I would also encourage you to have a solution oriented approch rather than obsessing over the problem. So, what if you do not have a purpose yet, you look for it long enough and you will find it, and  that should keep you moving forward every day. While I say that, I believe religion should only be used as a set of guiding rules untill you get your own, but should never be taken as a purpose. Let your purpose be eventually helping humanity.