My one true LOVE

I happened to make her acquaintance when I was in college. While strolling around the internet, I got fixated on the popularity that she enjoyed. I was intrigued. I wanted to know why everyone seems to be so fond of her. I looked around, and found hundreds of pages of people praising her. I wanted to be one of these people, who seemed to truly appreciated her.

I had almost forgotten about her when I happened to see her while in office, just after joining my office. Is this real? I was stunned at first, as I never expected this, but knowing that I had to work with her, I had to get comfortable with the fact that I finally had a chance to actually know for myself, firsthand, what I heard only people talk about.

My initial days I tried my best to understand her. I wanted to know what makes her tick, why she was the way she was. With time I got so comfortable with her that I now started asking her to do things for me, things that nobody had ever asked of her, things I was not even sure if she would do for me. But I was up for a surpise, whatever she could do, she did without expecting anything back form me. When she was not able to do something or if she had an issue, she would just calmly, without any drama, say it straight out what the problem actually was. It was clear, concise, and with the only aim of solving the problem at hand. No more I had to ask anyone to understand what she meant. What more can a person ask for?

I was instantly hooked. I was talking to everyone I met about her. I was telling everyone about all the amazing things about her. How she was my first choice always. I was and probably still am able to sneak her into one of our conversations, all because I like talking about her, and letting people know about the love and admiration that I posess about her. A few of my close friends asked me not to spend so much of my time with her, after all there were so much more options out there, but did I really want options? I was happy with what I had, I was happy with what she could do, and that contention was hard to find in anything else I did.

As time passed by, I kept on discovering new things she was capable of. Never did I feel limited by the options she provided, and year after year she just kept getting better, better at what she did, better at how she made me feel deep inside. And all these times, I never really felt limited being with her.

While saying that I have to admit that she had her limitations, everyone has, and at times, dire ones, I did consider looking around, but finally, I was more than willing to live with her limitations, knowing them in depth, rather than start knowing someone else from scratch. You cannot just forget the three years of experiences that you faced with someone, the beautiful days spent getting things accomplished, the painful long nights spent fixing an issue in office, all the time, she was giving it her best. How could I let go of her with such careless ease?

I do not regret any of my decisions till now, just the fact that I should have pursued her long before, probably the first time I got acquainted, probably there would have been lesser heart breaks!!! But we just cannot change the past.

I just hope that what we have, lasts for years to come, I keep being interested in her, and she does not get tired of me asking her to do stuff...

She is the one and only NGINX!!!

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