A visualization exercise open to interpretation

Twilight @ Tanjong Pagar

Imagine a tall building overseeing the horizon, allowing you to see the most magnificent sights of the sunset on a clear day.

Now imagine climbing the stairs from the lowest level, and going up one level at a time.

Imagine starting the climb just towards sunset, and seeing the sun almost set from the lowest level.

The faster you climb, the longer you can experience the sunset - as you go higher, you can see just a bit further into the distance.

You climb fast for the first five levels and are able to see way more of the setting sun then you could when you started. The discovery fills you with motivation.

Your legs are shaky, you are breathing hard, sweat dripping on you forehead and into your eyes. But that does not stop you as seeing the sunset is more important now.

For if you stop now, you will lose the view that you gained. And with every passing moment, you see less and less of the sun, unless to keep at it and keep climbing.

A couple more levels and the sun is half gone - you know that if you were on the lowest level now, you could not see this sun anymore.

One more level with the trembling feet willing to give up on your command, but the command never comes.

One more and then another. You have gotten so slow that you see the sun slipping away every time you reach a new level.

No more can you enjoy the sun setting as you are trying to keep up with it.

A couple more levels with the heavy breathing and there is no sun, but a brightness that reminds you of the sun you saw moments back.

The sun is set, but the twilight is still beautiful. You think if you give it your all, you can see the sun again, and while it would be true in general, you are too tired to be able to accomplish it.

You stop at the next level and peer at the dark red twilight that is reminiscent of the setting sun.

It get brighter before it starts fading into the darkness of the night.

You question your choices

Did I have to chase after the setting sun? Wont it just happen again tomorrow?

Why did I choose to climb the stairs rather than taking the elevator?

Is it really true that I value nothing unless I spend effort into achieving it?

Should I have stopped after the first few floors and just enjoyed the sunset?

Why could I not climb faster and longer?

Why was I climbing up even? Do I have an end goal? Is there a level I want to reach?

What am I doing?

Lost in thought, the twilight fades into the darkness.