tmux config from scratch (WIP)

tmux config from scratch (WIP)
Basic Look with no configurations on tmux

This will be an attempt to create the tmux config that I want from the start. In the past I have started with someone's config like oh my tmux with some customization on top. I think it is time that I start listing what I want to do - based on my experience using tmux and just configure tmux with the things that I need and remove all the bloat. I am going to try to go from scratch.

Will publish the changes to:

List of Requirements (Based on Usage)

  1. Local prefix has to be ctrl-s instead of ctrl-b
  2. There is no need ever to send ctrl-s to the process as in bash, it is supposed to hang the terminal output - which can be resumed with ctrl-q. So, will not add the appropriate send-prefix line with it
  3. prefix r should reload tmux config ✅
  4. Splits should be easier - prefix \ should split vertically and prefix - should split vertically ✅ - Top level Alt \ and Alt - should have a similar effect
  5. Alt + direction should move active view to specific pane ✅
  6. Shift + direction should switch between windows ✅
  7. Alt-s should allow to switch between sessions  ✅
  8. Copying and pasting in tmux should work as expected 🚧

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