Day Log 2022 06 01

Day Log 2022 06 01
Sunset sky overlooking Block 301 which is painted with the image of a traditional chinese building

Today's events

  • Cup noodles for breakfast ⚠️
  • Tried to cook egg in boiling water ✅
    Should not cook for long, or it absorbs a lot of water
    Not sure if adding salt before hand to the egg would have helped
    It turned out to be too mushy draining water was difficult and the texture was pretty weird to be had by itself. Taste was OK. Need further experimentation. 😅
  • Sleepy mood ⚠️
    Lack of proper food perhaps? 🤔
  • Threw away thrash 🗑
  • Washed shit ton of clothes 👕🩳
  • Did a partial shopping for India visit 🧴
  • Lunch: ordered a Malaysian dish - Rojak and Satay
  • Dinner: skipped
  • Did not wash all the plates and utensils ❌
  • Clarified some conversations ✅

Things that I had planned for today and updates

  • Go to office ❌
  • Eat healthy meal in timely fashion ⚠️ (I did eat better than yesterday, but not up to the mark yet)
  • See the sunset ⚠️
  • Shopping for India visit ⚠️ (need to get some more bread spread)
  • Plan and execute tech for India visit ❌ (this needs to be done tomorrow no matter what.

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