Day Log 2022 06 05

Day Log 2022 06 05
Playful Zoey

Today's events

  • Woke up early. Still on Singapore time, will try to continue βœ…
  • Chilled out most of today. Stayed in bed for the morning. βœ…
  • First dental appoinyment βœ…πŸ€• (Work has atleast started)
  • Hung out with cousins for the evening βœ…

Things that I had planned for today and updates

  • Sleep on time βœ…
  • Wake up early βœ…
  • Eat healthy ⚠️ (eating more, but do not have a schedule)
  • See the sunset ❌ Had pain after dental appointment, stayed in
  • Dental work βœ…
  • Hobby tech stuff βœ… (need to do more, but satisfied with today)
  • Meet people I want to meet βœ… (Satisfied with the people I met today)
  • Eye doctor plan appointment ❌
  • Clothes shopping for India stay ❌
  • Clothes shopping for bringing to Singapore ❌ (Long term Goal)

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