Day Log 2022 06 03

Day Log 2022 06 03
Twilight at Marina Bay

Today's events

  • Lunch: Sea food Donburi
  • Packed for India Visit βœ…
  • Went to sit at Marina Bay βœ…
  • Met a new person πŸ₯°
  • Dinner: Cake βœ…
  • Did not sleep ❌
  • Saw a bit of the light show at Marina Bay βœ…

Things that I had planned for today and updates

  • Go to office ❌
  • Eat healthy meal in timely fashion ⚠️
  • See the sunset βœ…
  • Packing for India visit βœ…
  • Plan and execute tech for India visit ⚠️ (This just needs to be done now)

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