Day Log 2022 05 30

waves night light sand
East Coast Park Cycle Ride on 2022 05 29

I have decided that I shall be starting an end of day blog post which will have some thoughts about the day and will be structured enough to allow me to track my progress for the things that I want to do.

The general format will be:

Mood (sad, bad, ok, good, happy)

  • Start: bad (body numbness from overexertion)
  • Mid: ok (resting helped)
  • End: bad (bad conversation)
  • Avg: ok

Things that I had planned for today and updates

  • Rest up as you cycled yesterday: ✅
  • Go to office ❌
  • Eat healthy meal in timely fashion ❌
  • See the sunset ❌
  • Rest after 60 km Cycling  ✅
  • Shopping for India visit ❌
  • Plan and execute tech for India visit ❌

Things planned for tomorrow

Will carry forward the things from today itself

Other things

Future advise
  • I believe I have created a dependency which needs to be eliminated
  • I need to have a filter when speaking to people as everyone is not as generous and accommodating as my present friends
  • Food needs more planning
  • Need to write more
  • Need to talk to more people
  • Need to disconnect more from messaging apps during the day

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