A new sunrise, a new beginning

An initial post to get me started at techto.date

A new sunrise, a new beginning

There once was someone, someone who had lost his way, or perhaps there never was a path. Not to be left out (as everyone seemed to have a path), a journey of discovery was started, one that goes on till this date. Others were questioned about their paths, and nothing seemed desirable.

The world was filled with people who never chose their path, it was filled with people who had no reason to do what they were doing except that others told them to do so. People close to them, people away from them, everyone except themselves played a vital role in deciding their path.

The journey continues on, and the message keeps on spreading.

Do not do things just because you have to, do things only and only because you want to. And for things that you do not want to do, work towards making sure that you would never have to do it again.

This place is a place to share the knowledge that was gained on this long ever continuing journey called Life. All knowledge is valuable and should be shared to make sure that it persists across generations and never lost.

Someone is still trying find a path to follow. But at least now, someone is not lost anymore.

If you wish to contribute here, get in touch with me.

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